Last updated: 01.03.2012

  1. Introduction

    This Privacy Policy applies to all software, services and web sites ("Services") provided by Nurte sp. z o.o., whose registered office is located at Rembielinska 20/91, 03-352 Warsaw, Poland.

    There may be additional rules related to the Privacy Policy for specific Services. Content of the additional rules is available in the relevant Services and if you use these Services, additional rules are an extension of the rules of this document.

  2. Data collection

    Nurte generally do not collect personal data of users. Nurte for their Services in this area uses integration with the social networking which have their own privacy policies. Some Services may collect the data necessary to operate, maintain and improve these Services. If you contact with Nurte, we can keep the related mail to help resolve eventual problems and to inform the user about our Services, including their changes or improvements.

  3. Sharing of data

    As a general rule we do not share any data of users of our services to companies, organizations or persons outside of Nurte. Exceptions are situations in which disclosure is justified or required according to applicable law or valid request a government institution. Based on available data, we can also publish general reports, which do not enable to identify a specific person, to show general information about the use of our Services.

  4. Additional information

    Nurte reserves the right to modification this Privacy Policy and any of additional rules relating to the Services. User rights under this Privacy Policy will not be restricted without explicit user permission. The changes do not apply to back and take effect no earlier than 14 days after publication. Changes made for legal reasons, are effective immediately.

    If there is a conflict between this Privacy Policy and additional rules, in this range additional rules apply.